When do I receive my PNO Action Kit?

All PNO Action Kits are delivered through email on the first of every month.

When should I plan to execute my Parents Night Out?

Each Parents Night Out Action Kit is delivered on the first of every month so that you have plenty of time to market, advertise and create excitement for the following month. For example, if you receive the XYZ Parents Night Out Kit on January 1st, then you will plan to run the XYZ Parents Night Out in February (preferably with at least 6 weeks of planning time).

How much should I charge for a Parents Night Out?

We have many different clients that have shown to be successful with different price points. The average is $25-$30 per child. Allow each child to bring a friend as well. You can choose to allow the friend to come for free or to charge for the friend as well.

How many hours of activities are included in each Parents Night Out Action Kit?

From our research and experience, we have found the 2.5 hours is the ideal length for a Parents Night Out.

How does the licensing/copyright work with the content in each Parents Night Out Action Kit?

All of the content in each Parents Night Out Kit is created by Level Up Action Kits. Any downloadable music, images, outlines, etc. are all original creations from our team of experts. 

 What is the cancellation policy for a subscription membership to Level Up Action Kits?

If you decide to cancel, simply send an email to adam@levelupmas.com. Because our Parents Night Out Kits are delivered on the 1st of each month, you must submit a 30 day notice prior to cancelling your membership.