Blanket Fort Nite PNO

Blanket Fort Nite Box.jpg
Blanket Fort Nite Box.jpg

Blanket Fort Nite PNO


We need builders STAT, so drop into our new Blanket Fort Nite Kit! Your students will have a blast fighting zombies, building forts, and taking out the competition in a battle Royale that they will never forget! Don’t let your teammates down, ready up for our Blanket Fort Nite!

Check out what’s included!

- Flyers (8.5 x 11)
- Posters (11 x 17)
- Class Outline (Includes step-by-step instructions for games like: Battle Readiness Course, Lock N’ Load, Supply Run, First Encounter, Heal Up, Get The Cure, Dash, Dance Party, and Battle Royale!)
- Weekly Action Planner (marketing)
- Audio Instruction Tracks
- 3 Facebook Ad Images
- 3 Instagram Images
- 2 Animated GIF's
- Snapchat Geofilter
- Student Sign-up Sheets
- Parent Sign-in Sheets
- Guest Safety Waiver
- Guest Follow-up Procedures
- 2 Email Templates
- Professional video teaser ad

- Professional full length (30-45 seconds) video ad

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